DeconstructionThe Re-Use Store is based on the concept of “deconstruction” which employs waste management and material reuse principles.  Instead of demolishing a house, room or any construction project, materials are disassembled without damage so they can be reused for other construction or rehabilitation projects. 

There are a wide range of benefits of deconstruction from the diversion of demolition debris from landfills to the creation of jobs and job skills.  This method has proven to be hugely successful around the country and the SRCC hopes to replicate that success here in the Sacramento Region through its Re-Use Store.  
In addition to helping the environment and training young people, deconstruction and the Re-Use Store in particular, allow people to upgrade their properties and yards by offering discounted, quality materials. Typical materials considered for deconstruction include:

  1. Interior/Exterior doors and frames
  2. Windows
  3. Appliances and Fixtures
  4. Lumber and Plywood
  5. Bricks and Pavers
  6. Cabinets

All donations are tax deductible and in many cases this deduction equals or is larger than the expense of the deconstruction itself.

Tax donation documentation is available for every private building owner. To view a chart highlighting the tax donation value received by their respective homeowners, click here Adobe PDF .

The value of used building material donations can often be substantial - large enough to pay for the costs of deconstruction. To view a chart that shows actual deconstruction jobs, click here Adobe PDF.